These are Monday, March 5th


New Paris Church of the Brethren


Prayer Requests:

Esther Burger asks for prayer for her sister who is having heart trouble.

Pray for Chuck Hernley. He is not supposed to be active for another two weeks yet.

Lee Kurtz will have cataract surgery in the near future.

Pray for Kayla Freundís nephew, Hunter, who has influenza A.

Pray for the Dale Manges family. Dale did not get good news and his surgery could not be completed.

Pray for Henry Nolt, the son of a science teacher, Mike Nolt, at Northwood.  Henry had a successful surgery at Rileyís Hospital last Friday. 

Jim Parsonís hip replacement went well. He will have a long recovery.  

We rejoice that Jordan and Erin Smeltzer are getting along well as they serve our Lord in Guatemala.

There will be an anointing service for Teresa Smith on March 7 after the Adult Bible Study.  She will have surgery the next day.

Pray for Doris Whitehead as she had a fall & was hospitalized for tests.  The doctors have not discovered the cause for Dorisís fall. She is still in the hospital.

Continue to pray for the ones affected by recent world disasters.

Pray for these people who had recent surgeries or illnesses: Phyllis Bosler; Jolene Bollinger; Evelyn, Kerri & Wilbur Bowman; Ciara & Bee Clayton; Susan Conrad; Bonnie Drake; Randy Fudge; Dave Fuller; Diane, a 5th grade student at Millersburg Elementary; Joan Gang; Stanley Godfrey, Sr.; Jordan Hatfield; Jane Holdeman; Jan Huber; Lilly Hughes; Don & Margaret Juday; Jerrold & Rose Kauffman; Mike & Kaydei Kurtz; Dylan Kyle; Madilyn LaFollette; Eleanor & Zach Lantz; Nancy Leatherman; Nadine Lengacher; John Martin; Lynn Marchand; Melissa Mason; Brandon, Dan, Jason, Judy, & Leo, Miller; Brian, Jean & Max Mishler; Mike & Tony Neff; Marge Neterer; Jerry Nettrouer; Tabitha Pago & other Nigerian girls; Jo Linda Petko; Alberta Presley; Doris Runyan; Barbara Schrock; Anna Schwalm; Connie Swald; Shirley Unley; the Toole Family; Doug Thwaits; Joel Valencourt; Morris Wagoner; Martha Weaver; DeeAnn, Doris & June Whitehead; Virginia Wysong; Glen Yoder; Jackie Yoder; Bob York; and Zoe Zimmerman.

                                    Pray for Evelyn Unspoken Prayer Requests

Thank you for praying and being a part of the life of NPCOB