These are the Monday, June 26th


New Paris Church of the Brethren


Prayer Requests:

Pray for the Christner/Lambright families in their loss of Gladys Marie (Troyer) Christner, aunt of Ashley Lambright

Pray for the Harper/Gladfelter families on their loss of Esther Harper, sister-in-law of Janet Gladfelter.

Pray for Rhoade/Pippenger families in their loss of Jim Rhoade, brother in law of Lamar Pippenger.

Baby Piper Lynn Gorshuch is doing a little better. Her mom went home on Wednesday. She has lost some weight and she is back on a feeding tube.

Esther Burger requests prayer for Jim Hall who has cancer.

Bill Foley, friend of Jim Valencourt will have a 2nd cataract removed on June 27th  

Mearl Grabill is having his hip replaced today.

Mary Mishler is having intestinal problems and feeling very weak. Please pray for her and Kermit as he tends to her. She hopes to find some answers today.

Dorothy Rogers is having trouble with her rheumatoid arthritis.

Pray that the Lord might send us musicians to sing & play in our worship team.

Pray for those that are serving our Lord in Guatemala: Libby Clayton, Jordan and Erin Smeltzer

Pray for Nicole LaFoilette and Heather Steffen who are expecting babies.

Pray for our youth and advisors they arrived safely and enjoying the time as they work a week at a local mission. They return on Saturday July 1st.

Please pray for our Annual Conference being held in Grand Rapids Michigan from Wednesday June 28th through Sunday, July 2nd.

Pray for these people who had recent surgeries or illnesses,

Ruth Alfrey, Linda Barbosa, Brice Barton, Wilbur & Evelyn Bowman, Roger Burger, Steve Bitting, John & Jolene Bollinger, Ted Carroll, Susan Conrad, Archer Craft, Randy Fudge, Mahlon & Stan Godfrey Sr, Piper Lynn Gorshuch, Chuck Hernley, Jane Holdeman, Jan Huber, Lilly Hughes, Don & Margaret Juday, Jerrold & Rose Kauffman, John Martin, Ramon Martinez, Judy Miller, Brian, Jean, Mary & Max Mishler, Mike Neff, Marge Neterer, Evelyn Nettrouer, Tabitha Pago & other Nigerian girls,  David Paul, Norm Reynolds, Dorothy &  Loyal Rogers,  Doris Runyan, Barbara Schrock, Anna Schwalm, , Shirley Toole, Debra Vander Reyden, Carol Valencourt, Bob Waters; Wayne Whitehead and Jackie Yoder.

Skip Smeltzer thanks all involved in getting, installing and operating the new sound board.


Pray for Five Unspoken Prayer Requests

Thank you for praying and being a part of the life of NPCOB