08/06   Series on Galatians

            "Bear and Share the Burdens"                              Galatians 6:1-5

            Being a believer carries responsibility. We are responsible to the Lord for our own actions and decisions. We are also responsible to the Lord for how we work in and with the body of Christ. This message will help us see how entwined these responsibilities are.

08/13   Series on Galatians

            "Exercise a Generous Faith"                               Galatians 6:6-10

            When I think of being generous, I think of money. To be generous, I would give some of my money to make other people's lives better. It is equally important to be generous with our faith. How do we do this?


08/20   Series on Galatians

            "In the Cross of Christ I Glory"                         Galatians 6:11-15

            Of course this is the name of a well-known hymn. What do we you boast about, our personal achievements and property? Or do we like Paul only boast about Christ and His cross and what that has done for this world?


08/27   Teacher Recognition/Dedication/Installation

            Series on Galatians Ends

            "Blessings and a Plea"                                      Galatians 6:16-18

            As Paul finishes this letter to the Galatians, he has poured out his heart. How will it be received? Will the newly planted Churches survive? This is not Paul's responsibility. He has done what the Lord called him to do. Now it is up to the Galatians as to what they will do.


09/03   Series on Romans Begins                                                             

            "A Greeting to Rome"`                                             Romans 1:1-7

            As Paul writes this letter, he has not visited Rome at this point. He wants to go there and will get there, as a prisoner. There are already Churches in Rome and Paul gives a wealth of information as to what the Church should believe and how it should operate.