10/01   Love Feast and Holy Communion

            Series on Romans Continues                                                        

            "The Reward for Godless Living"                       Romans 1:26-32

            This may be a difficult message to hear. This message is not about what your preacher says, it is about what the Lord God says. It is my prayer that you might better understand why we, with the Holy Spirit's help should keep away from certain behaviors. We will call these behaviors what they are, sin and that we not only shy away from them; we don't approve of them either.



            Series on Romans Continues

            "God's Righteous Judgment"                               Romans 2:1-16

            Many people don't like to discuss judgment. In this day and age, people sometimes get away with murder. There is judgment coming, for every person, it will be a righteous judgment overseen by the Godhead.                                                                                              


10/15   Series on Romans Continues

            "Jewish, in Name Only"                                       Romans 2:17-24

            We might become proud of our religion. Some of the Jews did, Christians do also. They might say, hey I am Christian. Are they really, or are they Christian in name only?



            Series on Romans Continues

            "Saved by Ordinances?"                                     Romans 2:25-29

            Every religion does things a certain way. They have what are called ordinances. Not all religious ordinances are Biblical, I pray the ones we follow are. However, if we expect following an ordinance or two will save us, we have another thought coming.    



            Series on Romans Continues                                                        

            "God's Judgment, Always Fair!"                             Romans 3:1-8

            It's not fair! We have said this as children and as adults. And truth be told, many times life is not fair. But we serve a Lord God that is always fair. Our salvation is based on the fairness of the Lord God. In Heaven, life will always be fair.