Series in Romans Continues

"Faith Comes Before Works"                                            Romans 4:9-12

    In the battle of minds, the argument of being saved by faith or by the law is highly divisive. God's law is given to His people Israel. In this message we will go back to the first person of the nation of Israel and look how the Lord worked in His life for Salvation.




    "Submissive???"       1 Peter 3:1-7

    This is the Sunday closest to Valentine's Day. I usually try to have a marriage sermon at least once a year. On this day, we will talk about marital submissiveness. This word submissive is hated by many. But being submissive in a biblical way, is key to a strong marriage.



                                        Series in Romans Continues

    "No Law, No Sin"                                                          Romans 4:13-15

    So many folks believe that we must follow the law to be saved. I hope this thought raises a concern to you reading this. In case you are not sure what the law is for, we will look at what the Bible has to say about the law.  



                                         Series in Romans Continues

    "Faithful Promises"                                                      Romans 4:16-19

    What does a promise mean to you? When someone promises us something, we expect them to follow through. How long do we hang onto a promise. Perhaps someone promised to take you out to eat. It hasnít happened in 5 years. Are you still looking for that promise to be fulfilled?



                                        Series in Romans Continues

    "If God Says ItÖ"                                                          Romans 4:20-25

    This message follows along the same theme as the last one. What does it mean when the Lord God promises us something? If God says it, then what?