Series in Romans Continues

            "If God Says It…"                                                 Romans 4:20-25

    This message follows along the same theme as the last weeks message did. What does it mean, when the Lord God promises us something? If God says it, then what?                                                     




            "Faith Triumphs in Trouble"                                   Romans 5:1-5

     Oh how we wish to never have troubles in our lives. Life would be so much easier if everything went according to our plans. However, life does not do this. We are not promised a trouble-free life, but believers are promised several things through faith.



                                        Series in Romans Continues

            "Our Substitute"                                                     Romans 5:6-11

       In the movies, many actors use stunt double’s, someone that looks like them performs the dangerous parts of making a movie. We might say the stunt doubles are the actor’s substitutes. Praise the Lord God, all of humankind has been given a Wonderful substitute.



                                         Youth Sunday

The Youth Group is Planning and Leading this service. Come and support these young men and women.




                                        Easter Sunday

            The Greatest Prank Ever?                                           Luke 24:1-8

    As a kid, I loved April fool’s day. Oh how I loved to trick an unsuspecting person. I do not remember Easter falling on April fool’s day before. (the last time was 1956, I was alive but do not remember) On this day, we will look at the supposed greatest prank ever. Only one problem; it was not a prank.  J