March 4th to March 11th

SUNDAY: Children's Church

                           Romans Series Continues            

           9:00 AM          Message:     "If God Says It…"

                          Scripture Text:    Romans 4:20-25

                      Worship Leader:     Rachel Stiver

                                 Chorister:     Pam Reedy

                                  Organist:     Vera Everett

                                     Pianist:     Teresa Smith

                              Head Usher:     Lee Kurtz    

                                  Acolytes:     Micah Barton & Natalee Lambright

                      Children's Story:     Holly Kuhn 

     Children’s Church Leaders:     Janet Showalter, CJ Drake,

                                                       Natalie Fruend & Zoe Zimmerman

                     Scripture Reader:     Sally McFarren

                                   Greeters:     Sandi Bollinger & Betty Miller

                           Sound Board:     Jason Miller

                           Nursery Staff:

                                   Worship:     Jenni Godfrey

                                  S School:     Emily Barton

                        Coffee Kitchen:     Class 15

        10:30 AM      SUNDAY SCHOOL for all Ages

        11:15 AM      Chimes Choir Practice, grade 3 and up


     Mon All Day   GNNS Hacienda Giveback Day.

Tues.  5:30 PM   Witness Commission meets

           6:00 PM   Nurture Commission meets

           6:30 PM   Stewards Commission meets

           7:00 PM   Worship and Ministry Commission meets

   Wed 5:30 PM   Awana

           6:00 PM   Youth Group     

           6:30 PM   Bible Study in the Cabin 

      Fri 6:15 AM   Camp Mack’s Annual Fundraiser Dinner


                           Romans Series Continues                         

           9:00 AM          Message:    "Faith Triumphs in Trouble"

                          Scripture Text:    Romans 5:1-5

                       Worship Leader:    Worship Team

                                 Chorister:     Worship Team

                                  Organist:     None

                                     Pianist:     None

                              Head Usher:    Lee Kurtz

                      Children's Story:     Kay Method

                     Scripture Reader:    Katie Kuhn         

                                  Acolytes:    Natalee Lambright & Logan Miller

                                   Greeters:    Bob & Pam Reedy

                           Sound Board:     Skip Smeltzer

                           Nursery Staff:    

                                   Worship:     Nadine Godfrey

                        Sunday School:     Kayla Freund

                         Coffee Kitchen:    Class 15

        10:30 AM    SUNDAY SCHOOL for all Ages

        11:15 AM    Chimes Choir Practice for grade 3 and up