June 25th to July 2nd


                            Series on Galatians Continues   

           9:00 AM          Message:     "Love Fulfills the Law"

                          Scripture Text:    Galatians 5:7-15

                      Worship Leader:     Worship Team

                                 Chorister:     Worship Team

                                  Organist:     None 

                      Children's Story:     Ashley Lambright

                     Scripture Reader:     Heidi Mathews

                              Head Usher:     Lee Kurtz

                                  Acolytes:     Natalia Freund / Katie Kuhn

                                   Greeters:     Doris Leatherman / Betty Miller

                           Sound Board:     John Burger

                           Nursery Staff:

                                   Worship:     Buck & Emily Barton

                                  S School:     Cindy Clayton

                        Coffee Kitchen:     YOUNG ADULT CLASS  

         10:30 AM     SUNDAY SCHOOL for all Ages

         11:30 AM     All Church Carry-In in the Fellowship Hall


Wed-Sunday        Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, MI. Pastor Stan & Nancy, Lee and Bonnie Kurtz will attend. Jim & Jill Best are the NPCOB delegates. If you have pastoral needs while Pastor Stan is gone call the Church office.

NEXT SUNDAYANNUAL CONFERENCE SUNDAY: Guest Speaker; Joe Chadburn from World Missionary Press     


           9:00 AM          Message:    "The High Calling of God"        

                          Scripture Text:    Philippians 3:1-15

                       Worship Leader:     Rachel Stiver

                                 Chorister:      Pam Reedy

                                  Organist:      Vera Everett

                      Children's Story:     Kay Method

                                     Scripture Reader:     Nate Steffen

                             Head Usher:      Barry Whitehead

                                  Acolytes:     Micah Barton / Natalee Lambright

                                   Greeters:     Sandi Bollinger

                           Sound Board:     Jason Miller

                           Nursery Staff:    

                                   Worship:     Curtis Drake Family

                        Sunday School:     Jason Miller Family

                         Coffee Kitchen:     Just One Hour Class

        10:30 AM    SUNDAY SCHOOL for all Ages