12/30 Len Smith, Guest Speaker

“Time for God” – I Chronicles 4:9-10

If God ever wrote a genealogy that included your name, what would He say about you?

Who do we usually bless when we pray?

Do we pray to extend the borders of our lives?

What unknown frontiers will you face in the New Year?

Do we mean what we say when we pray that the Lord will deliver us from evil?

How can we create a spiritual legacy?


January 6 – “A Gospel for All”

Romans 10:1-4

We are good at putting people in groups. We group them by education, ethnicity, gender, language, and wealth. I am sure I could find more ways we classify people. I praise the Lord; He has chosen one gospel for all.

January 13 – “The Righteousness of Faith”

Romans 10:5-8

I remember being one of the groomsmen in my cousin’s wedding. We wore tuxedos. The father of the bride looked at me and said you do not cleanup half bad. As a tenant of this world, I was crusty with sin. However, there is a righteousness available that will clean up my life.

January 20 – Sanctity of Life Sunday

“The Value of a Life”

Genesis 2:4-25

In the eyes of the world, life is worthless. It does not matter the age, from the womb to the tomb, many people think nothing of ending a life prematurely.  What is the value of a life to Jesus Christ?

January 27 – “Believe and Speak the Gospel”

Romans 10:9-13

Ah, the value of knowing you are saved. I use this text at many funerals. These words are so comforting. These passages show that we know and believe the gospel. We also speak the gospel. I pray this message will answer questions one might have about salvation.