09/02 – Series in Romans Continues

“Through the Spirit, Children of God” – Romans 8:12-17

Many people mix the scriptures in a blender. They say that the promises given to Israel are now for the Christian. Last time I looked, Israel is still a nation and scripture promises that the Lord God is not finished with her yet. However, in this message, we will see a promise for the believers.

09/09 – Series in Romans Continues

“Hoping for the Unseen – Romans 8:18-25

Do you remember doubting Thomas? He will not believe Jesus Christ is raised from the dead until he can touch his wounds. Then he believes. Christ says blessed are those who believe without seeing. In this message, we will see believers are hoping for that which we do not see.

09/16 – Len Smith

“Bullies and the Bible” I Samuel 17:8-11, 16, 22-24, 32-37

What are some the results of bullying in American Schools?  What are the four basic kinds of bullying today? What types of bullying do we find in the Bible?  How did the Lord Jesus Christ react to bullying?

09/23 – Series in Romans Continues

“Promises to the Called” – Romans 8:26-30

In this message, we will look at some more of the beautiful promises given to the believers. What a wonderful Lord God we serve. He is truly Awesome, fantastic and amazing.

09/30 – Series in Romans Continues

“Everlasting Love Pt. 1” – Romans 8:31-34

Chapter 8 finishes out with a flurry of statements about the wondrous everlasting love of Christ. There is so much information here; it will take two Sunday’s to finish it. Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the love, grace and mercy of the Lord our God.