11/04 – Series in Romans Continues

“God’s Justice, Part 1” – Romans 9:14-18

“It is not fair; you are not fair.” How many times do you hear these words being said? You may especially hear them if you have children. We probably do not know anyone that is completely fair. If we are a believer, we serve one who is completely fair whether we understand it or not.

11/11 – Series in Romans Continues

“God’s Justice, Part 2” – Romans 9:19-24

I did not realize how much I wanted to be in control of my life until I put my life under Christ’s control. We may not understand all He is doing, but it is all for His Honor and Glory.

11/18 – Series in Romans Continues

Thanksgiving Sunday

“Thankful for God’s Justice” – Romans 9:25-29

God’s justice includes His glory grace and mercy. Without these qualities, I do not believe there would be a world or anything else to be thankful for.

11/25 – Series in Romans Continues

“Who Would Have Thought It?” – Romans 9:30-33

Israel is the nation of God. Israel considers the Gentiles as dead dogs. Man in all his wisdom could never have figured out the perfect plan of the Lord God.

12/02 – Advent Series

“Living in the Here and Now” – Matthew 24:32-44

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.”? Many people become fascinated with the prophecy of the Bible. This is an interesting subject, what eternal life will be like. A better question perhaps, “How are you representing Christ today?”