We Promise You...


A Warm


When you come to visit we will greet you warmly. We have Bibles available for visitors in the pews so you can follow along with our Bible study or our worship service.


Classes for
All Ages


If you visit us for our Bible classes you will not be embarrassed. You may participate as much or as little as you wish. You will not be asked to read unless you volunteer. Our adult classes are taught by teachers who will help the Bible come alive and will offer practical applications of Bible concepts for daily living.


We Sing


We use a blend of Hymns and Praise songs. We have a worship team that leads singing on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. On the first, third and fifth Sunday's we sing Hymns with a chorister leading the music.


We Pray


We offer prayers to God for His guidance and care. We pray for God's comfort and healing of the sick, we pray for those in travel, we pray for our nation's leaders, and we pray we can be pleasing to God. Our prayers are heartfelt!






We take up a weekly collection for the work of the church here, but, we do not expect our visitors to contribute! After all, you are visiting. You should not contribute to our work until such time as you feel you can do so in good conscience.



We Hear

 a Lesson


You will notice our Bible lessons are really based on the Bible! We provide insight into God's Word and you will find the lessons helpful in your efforts to be pleasing to God. We promise you will learn a lot and you will feel strengthened and challenged by the message preached.