May 5th Youth Sunday

“Rebuilding the Walls” – Nehemiah 4:14

May 12th – “I Love You Mom”

John 19:25-27

Mother’s Day can be a happy or sad occasion. If your mother is no longer living, I pray you have great memories of her. If your mother is still alive, we are going to look at seven ways we can show her more love.

May 19th – “Serving God with Spiritual Gifts”

Romans 12:3-8

Wait, did you say our Spiritual gifts are for Serving God? I thought they were for us to make money within. Well, there may be some truth in that statement, but it isn’t the first priority of the Spiritual gifts.

May 26th – “Preparing for Glory”

Psalm 71:1-9

Hey, how do you prepare for glory? Are you preaching on preparing to die? That is morbid. Well, it might be, but glory will be wonderful. We will explore some ways to prepare mentally and physically for glory, also called heaven.

June 2nd – “You Are the Lord’s. Just Saying”

1 Corinthians 10:6-13

Who is the Lord’s? The saved graduates are the Lord’s. They will need Him as they strike out on their own, whether going to a job, a school or something else. They will face more temptations than they can imagine. They will be glad they are the Lord’s.