February 3 – “Hearing Doesn’t Mean Obedience”

Romans 10:14-17

In a perfect world; If seeing is believing, one would tell what they believe and the listener would obey what they heard. This statement may seem to make logical sense but it isn’t always true. Indeed, one must hear of something before they can obey it. Nevertheless, hearing something does not guarantee we will obey it.  Let us look to God’s Word for His remedy.

February 10 – Guest Speaker, Pastor Len Smith

“Wives, Husbands, & One Another” I Peter 3:1-12 (NIV)

To what degree is the family still a basic institution in our society?

What particular challenges do Christian wives face?  What role does the Christian husband play in the spiritual development of the family?  What practical advice do we find in this text that applies to the entire Christian Community?

February 17 – “A Disobedient and Contrary People”

Romans 10:18-21

These words describe Israel perfectly. If it were not for God’s nature and His promise to Israel, I imagine He would have zapped them years ago. The words of these verses are important and relevant to the believer as well.

February 24 – “Saved, Alone?”

Romans 11:1-3

Have you ever wondered if you are the only one that follows the Lord God? You watch friends do things you used to do, things you are now convicted are wrong. Sometimes, it feels lonely being a believer. However, the Lord God has many believers. We might need to look for new friends that are also in the Body of Christ.