12/02 Advent Series

“Living in the Here and Now” – Matthew 24:32-44

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t be so heavenly minded that you are no earthly good.”?

Many people become fascinated with the prophecy of the Bible.

This is an interesting subject, what eternal life will be like.

A better question perhaps, “How are you representing Christ today?”


12/09 Advent Series Continues

“Doing a 180” – Matthew 3:1-11 & Matthew 24:32-44

During some floods, we see warnings of roads closed.

Every now and then a strong flood might take out a bridge.

If you and I are headed towards the place where the bridge used to be,

it might be time to do a 180.


12/16 Advent Series Continues

“Hope, in the Eye of the Beholder” – Matthew 11:2-11

Is it easy for you to hope? Hope about what? Is it easy for you to hope for the best?

I want to be able to hope in this way, but sometimes I want to see proof.

John the Baptist had hope.  Had he misplaced his hope?


12/23 Advent Series Continues

“Our Inner Manger” – Matthew 1:18-25

After Baby Jesus was born, he was put in a manger.

He was a new life, son of God and Messiah but placed in a humble manager.

Mary carried Jesus in her womb, her inner manger for nine months.

Have you ever thought about carrying the Lord God within our body?

Not the infant Jesus, but God in the Holy Spirit.


12/24 Christmas Service – Len Smith, Guest Speaker

“Fear and Joy” – Luke 2:8-20

What are our eight basic emotions?

Why were the shepherds fearful on that first Christmas?

How do we deal with fear?

How did the angels counteract fear with joy?

How can we replace our fears with joy?


12/30 Len Smith, Guest Speaker

“Time for God” – I Chronicles 4:9-10

If God ever wrote a genealogy that included your name, what would He say about you?

Who do we usually bless when we pray?

Do we pray to extend the borders of our lives?

What unknown frontiers will you face in the New Year?

Do we mean what we say when we pray that the Lord will deliver us from evil?

How can we create a spiritual legacy?